What is your first question when researching where to take your students on school camp? If you're a teacher in today's cut throat education system it's likely to be "how can I fit this camp into the curriculum framework" or something as similarly exhilarating as that question!

The good news is that we have a pristine natural environment very close to Brisbane with school camp options that can be tailored to many curriculum requirements in multiple grades.  Moreton Island is an amazing, 98% National Park, pristine island environment with both amazing natural attributes as well as an artificial reef & local tourism industry - the possibilities for study are limitless. Below we have listed a brief breakdown of the main study possibilities that you may be looking for in your next school camp or university study:

Biology & Marine Studies

Moreton Island has a diverse array of environments and animals suitable for all aspects of biological and marine based studies. Depending on your area of interest there are several tours that take in specific areas with plenty of time to add in your own study materials. 

  • Tidal Flats Study - The tour of the Moreton Island tidal flats is perfect for ecology studies and students are able to see a variety of small marine life as well as spot birds - this is a great area for discussing life cycles and the importance of mangroves & estuaries.
  • Guided Shipwreck Snorkelling -For marine studies, of course, you can't go past the Guided snorkelling of the Tangalooma Wrecks. Snorkelling sunken shipwrecks covered in coral and surrounded by thousands of tropical fish. Students are exposed to an underwater adventure playground!
  • Guided Night Kayaking -Night kayaking is a highly recommended activity to back up any marine studies. Imagine silently kayaking around sunken shipwrecks in a see through illuminated kayak, watching corals, fish &wobbegongs as you quietly paddle past. If you're not keen on night kayaking, this activity can also be done during the day.
  • Beach based studies – there are a variety of natural environments perfect for studying, have a chat with us about your needs and we can tailor make an itinerary.


Moreton Island is an interesting area of geological and geographical studies. Moreton's valuable mineral sands originated in the weathered volcanic rocks of the eastern highlands of northern New South Wales and travelled to the Moreton region sometime before the Pleistocene era. Cape Moreton, a remnant of a volcano, became a building point for the sands to form an island which of course was eventually colonised by plants which gave it stability. Several interesting formations are located on the island including coffee rock, sandstone, coloured sand, dune systems and sand blows. Your tours can be tailored to your particular needs and plenty of time can be allocated to them.


Moreton Island is amazingly rich in history! Did you know that Thomas Pamphlett was stranded on Moreton Island in 1823 before helping John Oxley discover the Brisbane River? Moreton was also the first line of defence for Brisbane in World War 1 and World War 2 and students are able to walk around the remaining battery structures at both Cowan Cowan and Rous Battery. Other historical items of note are of course the Tangalooma Whaling Station & whaling history, history of the first Australians on Moreton Island and the European timeline.

Ecology, Sustainability & Tourism Studies

Aside from the obvious environmental studies on the island, the location of the accommodation at Castaways provides the perfect starting point for studies about sustainability. Castaways accommodation is a mixture of older renovated tourism structures and new Eco Glamping Tents with "mod wood" decking made from recycled plastic bottles. The differences between the two types of accommodation are a great talking point and a tour around the area complete with a discussion about the energy saving & eco-friendly outfits completes the study perfectly.

Physical Education Studies

With all the adventure activities available, Phys Ed teachers will be spoilt for choice! Perhaps a hike to Mt Tempest - the highest vegetated dune in the world? Or snorkelling the only shipwrecks so close to Brisbane? Night kayaking over the wrecks and sandboarding down the desert dunes! So many options so little time!

As you can see, the options are there for your school group to have an amazing & unique experience just a short trip from Brisbane.

If you would like a bit more information on School Camps on Moreton Island click here

We also offer an amazing ‘try before you buy’ arrangement where eligible schools can visit Moreton Island to see the location and study areas prior to booking a camp. Contact us to see if your school qualifies for the next tour – info@trailblazertours.com.au