School Camps on Moreton Island

The benefits of outdoor education are well established – it fosters critical thinking, leadership skills, evaluating risk taking and promotes positive mental wellbeing among students.

That said, you simply can’t get a more diverse learning environment for a school camp near Brisbane than Moreton Island. Situated just 40km from Brisbane across Moreton Bay, Moreton Island is the least disturbed, large coastal sand island in South East Queensland and has a mixture of learning environments like no other.

Imagine immense ancient dune systems formed by wind, water & waves, pristine Moreton Bay Marine Park completed with shipwreck snorkelling, 27 different plants communities including mangroves, melaleuca swamps, heath & eucalypt woodlands as well as a strong indigenous history & remnants of WW2 historical sites – what an amazing school camp destination that would be!

Read on to discover all the amazing experience options that a school camp on Moreton Island has to offer!

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Moreton Island School Camps & Education Tours

Moreton_Island_Tab_image_school_camps_on_moreton_islandMoreton Island is the third largest sand island in the WORLD and is Brisbane’s undisputed eco adventure playground! Where else can you get a school camp near Brisbane that:

  • Is over 98% National Park
  • Is an all sand island – the third largest in the world in fact
  • Has unrivalled eco adventure activities like snorkelling sunken shipwrecks, illuminated night kayaking & desert sandboarding
  • Is home to amazing wildlife like turtles, dolphins, whales & more
  • Has unique World War 2 bunkers and memorabilia for students to visit
  • Has the highest vegetated sand dune in the world
  • Has Queensland’s oldest lighthouse
  • Is perfect for a wide range of studies including geography, biology, sciences, marine studies, physical education, sustainability studies and more!

It’s not hard to see why schools and colleges come from all over Australia to see this fun filled adventure classroom! 

So why choose Trailblazer Tours for your next school camp?

Trailblazer Tours is an eco-accredited tour company who have been providing quality school camps for many years and is backed by our sister company Australian Sunset Safaris. We boast:

  • Merged operationally with Moreton Island Wilderness Camp
  • Dorm and Camping options
  • Professional and friendly guides complete with DA’s (medical and police checks required)
  • The ability to cater for large schools 100+
  • Custom built itineraries to suit your KLA’s – just tell us what you need
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned coaches
  • Risk assessments provided

There are so many options for studying on Moreton Island limited only by your imagination. Below we have summarised the main options that we have seen utilised during our many school camps. If you have another requirement just drop us a line and we will custom build your perfect itinerary!

Biology & Environment

Being an island, Moreton has been protected from much of the development of the last 50 years or so, and thus presents a unique biological study area where students can learn about the many eco-systems that are formed on an all sand island. The island itself is host to over 27 different vegetation communities including mangroves, melaleuca swamps, coastal dunes, heathland and eucalypt woodlands. These eco-systems provide important habitats for a plethora of wildlife including birds, reptiles, terrestrial mammals and amphibians.

Marine Studies

Along with North & South Stradbroke Islands, Moreton Island forms the eastern boundary of Moreton Bay – a large, shallow and biologically diverse expanse of water which was declared a marine park in 1992 for its important natural, cultural, recreational and economic value to Queensland. Students can immerse themselves in the park with a guided snorkel around 15 submerged shipwrecks located just 15 meters from shore and a variety of marine life can be seen including tropical fish species, coral, wobbygongs& turtles.


The ability to combine aspects of geography studies such as collecting data & studies, sustainability focussed studies, landform studies & Indigenous culture studies makes Moreton Island a unique and easy choice for geography teachers. We are very happy to chat with you to combine aspects of tours to suit your learning objectives and will support you to build the perfect school camp. In general, activities we offer that support a broad geography focus are:

Sustainability & Tourism

Moreton Island is a unique location for studying the impacts of tourism, vehicles & humans on a natural environment. We can provide a real-time case study on Castaways Resort – a dual purpose accommodation provider which has both older style dorm & unit accommodation and a more updated eco-friendly Glamping accommodation. An information session can be held on the installations that have been made to make the area more eco-friendly, and the impact the area has had on tourism & environment.


Moreton Island had a significant role in World War 1 & 2 and has many relics left over from these days including gun batteries, munitions store rooms and kitchen bunkers. Students are able to walk through these concrete structures and are invited to imagine what life would have been like for soldiers in the war.

Extensive site surveys have established that the native Ngugi people lived on Moreton Island for over 2000 years before Europeans made their mark. They named the island “Moorgumpin” which means “place of sandhills”. Numerous cultural sites have been recorded on the island and included shell and bone scatters, large shell middens and a stone quarry. Today, the remnants of the large shell middens can be witnessed and discussions surrounding the native landowners known customs and history can be had.

Aside from the above, Moreton Island has an interesting historical story to tell. Not only is it home to the first lighthouse in Queensland, it was witness to a major Australian whaling operation which significantly depleted the humpback whale population before being closed in 1962.

Physical Education Camps

Where better than to study physical education than a living breathing adventure island! Activities that support physical education include:

Guided shipwreck snorkelling

Day & Night kayaking


Mt Tempest Hike

Beach hikes & camping trips

Download : Moreton Island Information Pack.

Experience Learning on Moreton Island

Moreton Island is akin to a kind of eco-adventure education wonderland! With a multitude of amazing natural experiences mixed with a dose of adrenalin-pumping outdoor adventure activities, students are easy to keep entertained and teachers are able to tick off the "curriculum" list.  The most popular choices are listed below, but of course, the possibilities are endless depending on your imagination:

Guided Shipwreck Snorkelling

Enter an underwater adventure playground as you snorkel around 15 sunken shipwrecks. Thousands of tropical fish & corals can be seen and students will be immersed in this marine learning environment. This activity is fully guided with all safety instruction, equipment and risk management documents.

Illuminated Transparent Night Kayaking

Experience this unique activity pioneered by Trailblazer Tours. Imagine silently kayaking around sunken shipwrecks in a see through illuminated kayak, watching corals, fish, turtles & wobbegongs as you quietly paddle past. Turtles & fish commonly swim beneath the kayaks giving the students an insight into the world beneath without disturbing the marine life. If preferred, students can participate in the transparent day kayaking instead.

Sandboarding & Desert Discovery

Don’t tell the students, but the desert is a highly interesting ecological area filled with sandblows, fulgerite (lightning rock) and mineral sands. The students will be walked through the area and told how it was once covered with forest before the sand took hold. This is disguised learning at its best though as soon they will be zooming down the desert dunes reaching amazing speeds before climbing back up to do it all again!

Island Discovery Tour

The island discovery tour takes in the main key destinations in the northern part of Moreton Island and can be tailored to meet your learning objectives.

North Point | Champagne Rockpools | Honeymoon Bay

Visit North Point & Champagne Rock Pools. North Point is a very popular area for geographical & science studies and students can take a dip in the Champagne Rockpools - formed by one of the only areas of volcanic rock on the island. In fact, North Point is the origin of the island!

Cape Moreton Lighthouse | Visitor Centre

The lighthouse forms a significant part of the European history on Moreton Island and was also the first lighthouse build in Queensland. Students are able to visit the on-site visitor centre to gain an understanding of life at the lighthouse before continuing up to experience the spectacular view. Students will have the opportunity to spot dolphins, turtles, manta rays and even whales (June-Oct) before continuing the journey past the grave of the lighthouse keeper’s wife and learning a bit more about the trials of life on a remote island in the 1800’s.

Blue Lagoon

Swimming in fresh water lakes! Blue Lagoon is the most popular lake for swimming and students will learn how this window lake was created while they take a refreshing dip in the water. If requested, Honeyeater Lake, a perched lake created when water collects in a solid depression, can also be visited to show the vast difference between the two types of lakes.

Eco Tourism & Sustainability Talk

Learn how Castaways Resort & Glamping are working towards eco-sustainability with a tour around the site conducted by the manager. Learn how the Glamping tents are designed to fit in with the surroundings and which part of them are made by recycled milk bottles!

Moreton Island History Tour

This tour aims to visit the most historical parts of the island, and commentary is more focussed on the historical aspects of the island. For geography based studies we can arrange to visit campgrounds and/or townships. You will visit and/or learn about:

  • The discovery of Moreton Bay by Europeans
  • Cape Moreton Lighthouse & early life on Moreton Island
  • Aboriginal Shell Middens & a brief history of the first inhabitants of Moreton Island
  • Rous Battery & WW2
  • Cowan Battery & WW2
  • A Moreton Island History Booklet is available for this tour on request.

Tidal Flats Tour

Head out to the tidal flats and discover an amazing eco-system of mudflats, mangroves & tidal pools. These environments form part of Moreton Bay Marine Park and provide food and habitat for a wide variety of marine life. Mangroves provide a nursery for fish, prawns & crabs and the surrounding environment is prolific with bird breeding areas. This tour is perfect for studying life-cycles & ecology and can allow plenty of time for any studies that need to be completed.

Mt Tempest Hike

Climb the highest vegetated sand dune in the world! Mt Tempest is a beautiful walk with amazing almost 3600 views of the island. Students will get their blood pumping with this medium grade hike – only 30 to 40 minutes up and 20 minutes down. The walk meanders through different levels of vegetation and is a perfect end to an active day.

Tailored Programs & Itineraries

Do you have a study focus or activity that we have not listed here? We are happy to custom build tours and activities around your specific needs. Drop us a line or give us a call to have a chat about the possibilities.

Campfire Night

No school camp is complete without a campfire night! Relax around the campfire and toast a few marshmallows – a great way for students and teachers to bond during camp.

Night Beach Walk & Stargazing

Once the sun goes down over the water and students have enjoyed their delicious dinner, we recommend you take the short walk down to the beach to look up. The view of the stars from Moreton Island, without the lights and smog of the city, is astounding and students will be in awe of how many, and how bright the stars are. 

3 Day Moreton Island Sample Itinerary

For more itinerary examples, please download the Moreton Island School Camp Information Pack or give us a call to discuss your specific needs – we’re more than happy to tailor an itinerary to your learning outcomes.

Day 1

  • Meet us at the Port of Brisbane (Door to Door Bus Transfer upon quote application)
  • Cruise across Moreton Bay on the magnificent MICAT ferry.
  • Enjoy a fully guided Snorkelling Tour of the Tangalooma Ship Wrecks with all gear and safety inductions supplied by Trailblazer Tours. See thousands of beautiful reef fish and experience the awesome fish feeding frenzy!  You might even be lucky enough to spot a dolphin or turtle!
  • Enjoy a fresh picnic lunch on the beach
  • Experience a 4WD adventure like no other in our 4WD tough bus as we travel to and explore The Desert. Take up the challenge and experience the exhilarating Sand Tobogganing reaching speeds of up to 70km per hour!
  • Check in to your Castaways Resort Dorm accommodation just 100m from Bulwer Beach.
  • After all the thrills, you’ll be ready for a delicious dinner complete with desert to fill those rumbly tummies. Complete the evening with an optional night beach walk or campfire experience.

Day 2

  • Enjoy the relaxed Discovery Tour and learn all about the History, Fauna, and Moreton Island and experience:
    • North Point & Champagne Pools
    • Historic Cape Moreton Lighthouse
    • Spotting wildlife from the cape
    • Blue Lagoon
  • OPTIONALExperience the incredible and unforgettable Illuminating      Transparent Night Kayaking Tour around the Tangalooma Ship Wrecks. See the colourful fish and Coral as our kayaks light up at night with underwater lights – all safety vests and safety         inductions supplied by Trailblazer Tours. 
  • Back to the campfire tonight, or why not head out for a beach night walk and see what critters are still awake?

Day 3

  • Enjoy a delicious cooked breakfast before departing for your busy day
  • Explore the plentiful marine life and discover hidden eco systems on the Tidal Flats Tour. Students will see the varying degrees of ecology and this is a great tour for biology/tourism studies.
  • Depart on 3.30pm ferry on day three for your trip back to Brisbane

Accommodation options include:

  • Dormitory Eco Stay (43 beds in total)
  • Comfortable Eco Tent Camping
  • Remote National Park Tent Camping (upon enquiry)


We pride ourselves on providing the best transport options available for our school camps, and can move groups of up to 180 all at once in our custom-built 4WD coaches. All vehicles are air conditioned and suitable for on-road and off-road travel. Features of our service include:

  • Meet us at the Port of Brisbane – OR if you need Door to Door Bus Transfers, let us find a local bus company at a great price (complimentary quote upon application)
  • Comfortable 4WD air-conditioned coaches
  • Professional and friendly drivers with full driver’s authorisation 

Are we able to combine locations for our camps?

Yes absolutely! We offer trips to multiple destinations such as Moreton Island & Fraser Island, Fraser Island & The Great Barrier Reef, Moreton Island, Gold Coast theme park and a night in Brisbane! These combined trips are perfect for interstate schools who may have a little further to drive.

Do you provide risk assessments for activities?

We sure do – we have a safety and risk assessment handbook which will be sent to you upon booking.

How long does it take to get to Moreton Island?

The ferry trip from the Port of Brisbane to Moreton Island is approximately 75 minutes. The ferry we take is a large multi-level vessel which is highly stable (so no small ferries for us!). There is a café on board with a real, yes REAL coffee machine for teachers to get their fix!

Will we be shuttled around the island?

No! We provide enough vehicles for everyone to have a seat. This means that we pack so much more into our tours and make sure that students are out on the island for the optimum amount of time.


    – please note that a quote does not automatically reserve your preferred dates, and is only valid for 14 days from issue date. Should we not receive confirmation of quote by the end of the 14-day validity period; a new quote may need to be issued.
    – once you have confirmed your quote, we will issue you with a tax invoice and confirmation documents. Unless otherwise stated, all bookings must be secured with a 30% or $1000 deposit payment (whichever is greater), within 14 days after confirmation. Failure to provide the date security deposit by the due datewill result in the forfeit of the camp dates requested. Please note that this deposit amount will be deducted from the total invoice.
  3. Payments can be made via direct deposit, cheque or credit card. Please note that all credit card payments will incur a 1.5% surcharge fee.
    – a final balance invoice will be issued 14 days prior to camp upon receipt of final numbers.  If final numbers are not advised by this date, the last number update will be used.
    – a new tax invoice will be issued for any additional payments incurred after the above final payment has been made. Any new additional payments will be due immediately, unless otherwise stated. Any credit amounts / refunds payable will be issued after the camp travel dates, unless the camp is cancelled prior to travel dates.

CHANGES AND REQUESTS – unless otherwise stated:

  1. All details pertaining to final numbers, dietary requirements, special requests and medical information must be received no later than 14 days prior to travel.
    1. Any decrease in numbers 14 days or less prior to the confirmed date of travel will not be eligible for a refund or a credit. (This is due to certain costs outlaid.)
    2. Any increase in numbers inside 14 days prior to the confirmed date of travel will be accepted and charged additionally. (Subject to space availability.)

CAMP CANCELLATIONS – unless otherwise stated:

  1. If advised at least three (3) months prior to the confirmed date of travel, the paid deposit amount may be kept as a credit for use for a future camp booking.
  2. If advised at least two (2) months prior to the confirmed date of travel, the paid deposit amount will be forfeited in-full.
  3. Cancellation notice provided 14 days to one (1) month prior to the confirmed date of travel will result in the forfeit of the paid deposit amount in-full, and will also incur a 25% administration fee.
  4. Any camp cancellations received 14 days or less prior to the confirmed date of travel will not be eligible for a refund or credit.
  5. Any cancellations made up to one (1) month prior to the confirmed date of travel where no final payment has been made, will incur a 40% administration fee as well as forfeit the deposit amount paid.
  6. Vehicle bookings will be subject to the terms and conditions of vehicle carriage on MICAT as stated on the website.
  7. Any vehicle permits purchased cannot be refunded or credited.
  8. All credit amounts have a validity of 12 months, after which time if the credit amount has not been redeemed it will be forfeited.
  9. All administration fees will be calculated on the total camp amount due.

Note:  Trailblazer Tours reserves the right to send home any student who is deemed to be behaving inappropriately. No refunds are applicable in this instance.


  1. Trailblazer Tours reserves the right to cancel, delay and / or reschedule activities or services due to unsuitable weather. (Please note that the entire camp itinerary is dependent on activities chosen, tide times and the size of the group.)
  2. Swimming, Guided Snorkelling, Kayaking and Sand Boarding, is provided by Trailblazer Tours & Sunset Safaris.  A requirement of our insurance company is that all students /parents have completed their indemnity form before being allowed to snorkel, swim kayak or sand board.  These forms must be handed to the Tour Guide at the start of the camp.
  3. All schools are responsible for completing the provided medical and special dietary forms on behalf of their students. This must be faxed or emailed to our office at least 14 days prior to travel.
  4. School representatives are at all times responsible for the behaviour of students in their care.
  5. It is the responsibility of the school representative to dispense any medication to students with the permission of parents / guardians. Trailblazer Tours will under no circumstances dispense or administer any medication.
  6. A duty of care is owed to students in the school environment and while on excursions. The Education Department's duty of care owed to students for the duration of an excursion cannot be delegated from the school to parents, caregivers, volunteers or employees of external organisations.
  7. To ensure the health and safety of students and staff, schools are required to proactively manage all aspects of a variation to school routine. The school's duty of care to students extends to school excursions and camps, which are integral to students' educational programs. Activities conducted away from schools may increase risks and therefore the standard of care required must reflect the increase in identified risks.
  8. Moreton Island Ferries Pty Ltd (trading as Moreton Island Adventures) reserves the right to cancel and refund monies at any stage if services become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances inclusive of part or whole sale of the business entity, closure of the accommodation facility or high impact weather events. 

A note on QPWS (National Park) Fee Changes in 2015

For educational groups travelling on a fully facilitated camp with Trailblazer Toursor sub-contractors there is no longer a need to complete forms for exemption of national park usage fees.  Schools & educational groups will now be automatically exempt from these fees.  Where the aforementioned group is taking a vehicle, they will be eligible for fee exempt vehicle permits and should contact camping support ( to obtain their relevant permits.  This is the responsibility of the group taking the vehicle.

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