Lake_Birrabeen_on_FraserSchool Camps on K’Gari (formerly known as Fraser Island)

The benefits of outdoor education are well established – it fosters critical thinking, leadership skills, evaluating risk taking and promotes positive mental wellbeing among students.

Fraser Island offers the most unique eco-learning opportunities in South-East Queensland. What better destination could there be than the world’s largest sand island and a World Heritage Listed site situated so close to Brisbane!

Imagine immense dune systems shaped by millions of years of wind, water and waves. Large, clear freshwater lakes formed through varying degrees of natural action and huge rainforests growing only in sand – there are so many opportunities for immersive learning on Fraser Island school camps:

Read on to discover all the amazing experience options that a school camp on Moreton Island has to offer!

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Fraser Island School Camps & Education Tours

Fraser Island School Camps & Education Tours

Fraser Island, also known by its Aboriginal name of K’gari, covers 851 hectares and is the largest sand island in the world. Where else can you get a school camp so close to Brisbane that has:

  • World Heritage Listing for being an outstanding example of ongoing biological, hydrological and geomorphological processes.
  • A rainforest growing only on sand
  • The world’s largest unconfined aquifer on a sand island
  • Over half the worlds perched lakes
  • 250km of clear sandy beaches and 40km of strikingly coloured sand cliffs
  • A wide variety of land and marine wildlife like dolphins, whales, mantas, eagles, turtles and more!
  • The worlds purest strain of dingo
  • Amazing pre-European history, European history and WW1&2 stories.
  • Is perfect for a wide range of studies including geography, biology, sciences, physical education, sustainability studies and more!

It’s not hard to see why schools and colleges come from all over Australia to see this fun filled adventure classroom! 

So why choose Trailblazer Tours for your next school camp?

Trailblazer Tours is an eco-accredited tour company who have been providing quality school camps for many years and is backed by our sister company Australian Sunset Safaris. We boast:

  • Free door to door service for schools within a 100km radius of Brisbane
  • Door to door service for a small additional charge for schools up to 800km from Brisbane!
  • Professional and friendly guides complete with DA’s (medical and police checks required)
  • The ability to cater for large schools 100+
  • Custom built itineraries to suit your KLA’s – just tell us what you need
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned coaches
  • Risk assessments provided

There are so many options for studying on Fraser Island limited only by your imagination. Below we have summarised the main options that we have seen utilised during our many school camps. If you have another requirement just drop us a line and we will custom build your perfect itinerary!

Biology & Environment

Fraser Island presents a unique opportunity for biology studies in a closed environment. With Vegetation on the island displaying an unusual level of complexity and major changes in vegetation communities occurring over relatively short distances, it is an easy place for educators to bring up discussions about plant and animal communities & environment. Fraser also contains half of the worlds perched lakes, a rainforest growing only on sand and a multitude of unique flora and fauna existing almost untouched by human interference. And of course, we can’t forget the dingoes which present a challenge for the wildlife and island authorities.


Fraser Island presents a unique opportunity to investigate the impacts of nature based recreation and effects of human impact. Having a reasonably long history of human occupation ranging from Aboriginal land owners, European settlement, logging operations, WW1 use and the application for a sand mining establishment, students are able to investigate and inquire to formulate discussion regarding the continued protection of the island.

Sustainability & Tourism

Fraser Island presents a unique opportunity to study the eco-tourism operations on the island and how they may be impacting the long-term sustainability of Fraser Island. Our professional guides will provide eco-commentary throughout your Fraser Island school camp and can answer all the investigative questions your students may need to ask to formulate ideas and opinions. Where possible we will arrange an Eco talk by a Fraser Island ranger who will talk the students through the impacts of humans and vehicles on the island, and the plans that are in place to ensure the longevity of the island and eco systems.

History & Culture

Fraser Island is rich in nature and history. From the first inhabitants who called the island K’gari over 30 000 years ago to the devastation and deportation of the European settlement phase. Students will learn about how Fraser Island was named through the bizarre story of Eliza Fraser, why the Aboriginals called her K’gari, who were the Z-force commandos of World War 2 and why were they on Fraser Island and more!  The main    historical points of Fraser Island include:

  • Aboriginal history
  • European Settlement & logging
  • Eliza Fraser and the naming of Fraser Island
  • World War 2, the Z-Force Commandos and the Maheno Wreck
  • Sand mining
  • Recent history including the challenges of tourism & residential developments

Physical Education Camps

Where better to take your P.E and fitness Camp than to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. There are a multitude of physical activities available and we can support your requirements for extra hiking / physical activity.

  • Hiking to Lake Wabby across the Hammerstone Sandblow
  • Walk up to Indian Head
  • Pile Valley walk in Central Station
  • Optional extra hikes may be available depending on your needs


Download : Fraser Island School Camp Booklet for more information.

Experience Learning on Fraser Island

Fraser Island presents an amazing array of eco-adventure experiences which will have your students buzzing from sun up to sun down. With a multitude of amazing natural environments, students are easy to keep entertained and teachers are able to tick off the "curriculum" list.  The locations and experiences listed below are included in your package for 3+ day school camps. If there is something you would like to add to your itinerary, please talk to us and we will endeavour to tailor your package to your learning outcomes.

Rainforest Experience

The development of rainforest vegetation on coastal dune systems at the scale found on Fraser Island is considered unique. Central Station is the location of the historical logging operation and the cause for the extensive settlement of Europeans. Your students will be given an insight into the flora, fauna and history of the area and will visit Pile Valley, Woongoolba Creek and Central Station. For groups studying human impact, we are able to visit the on-site camping facilities and discuss the impacts in this area. This tour includes:

  • Pile Vally walk & information
  • Wanggoolba Creek
  • Central Station & logging history

Lakes, Creeks & Ocean Experiences

Fraser Island has over half of the world’s natural perched lakes, and is the site of the world’s largest unconfined aquifer on a sand island. The dynamic interrelationship between the coastal dune sand mass, aquifer hydrology and the freshwater dune lakes presents a unique learning opportunity for your students.

  • Lake Birrabeen
  • Lake Wabby & Hammerstone Sandblow
  • Eli Creek
  • Champagne Rockpools

Beach-side Experiences

4 wheel driving up windswept coastal beaches is one of the main attractions of a trip to Fraser Island and gives a rare opportunity for students to spot coastal wildlife and see examples of the geological processes that formed the island. Below are the main stops along a tour up the Eastern Beach driving along the famous 75 mile beach.

  • The Maheno Shipwreck and its role in World War 1 & 2
  • Coloured sands and gorges
  • Indian Head & the creation of Fraser Island
  • Yidney dripping rocks

For more detailed information on the experiences we offer on our Fraser Island School Camps, please download the school camp information booklet  or request a quote by filling out the quote form here

3 Day Fraser Island Sample Itinerary

For more itinerary examples, please download the Fraser Island School Camp Booklet or give us a call to discuss your specific needs – we’re more than happy to tailor an itinerary to your learning outcomes.

Our school camps include a FREE Cooloola National Park tour upgrade!

Day 1

  • Get picked up at your school in our comfortable, air-conditioned 4WD bus
  • 4WD through beautiful Cooloola National Park visiting Red Canyon, Teewah Beach and Double Island Point.
  • board the vehicle ferry and arrive on World Heritage listed Fraser Island!
  • 4WD up 75 Mile beach with guide commentary along the way
  • Walk into amazing Lake Wabby via Hammerstone Sandblow – a barrage lake, and take a dip in the refreshing water.
  • Check in to Eurong Beach Resort and enjoy buffet dinner before a night beach walk.

Day 2

  • Pile Valley walk – discover the amazing Satinay Trees!
  • Central Station – learn about the history of milling on Fraser  Island.
  • The rainforest growing in sand &Wanggoolba Creek also known as “the invisible creek”.
  • Great Lakes drive (where possible)
  • Picnic lunch at Lake Birrabeen and time for a swim in the fresh perched lake
  • Return to resort for buffet dinner before an optional Ranger Eco Talk (where available)

Day 3

  • Visit amazing Yidney Dripping Rocks and learn about their formation
  • Learn about the picturesque and historic Maheno Shipwreck
  • Visit Eli Creek and enjoy the refreshing icy cool waters. Learn about how the creek was created and continues to ebb and flow based on the islands ecology.
  • Marvel at the coloured sands at The Pinnacles
  • Spot whales, dolphins, sharks & turtles from Indian Head and take a dip in the Champagne Pools
  • Depart Fraser Island via the vehicle ferry
  • Arrive back at your school

For more itineraries and options, please download the Fraser Island School Camp Booklet.

We stay at the famous K'Gari Beach Resort, right on the eastern beach of Fraser Island. The resort is only accessible by four-wheel-drive and is situated in the perfect location to form our base camp.

Students are accommodated in 4-6 share rooms and teachers will be housed in comfortable units with ensuites. The resort boasts great facilities such as:

  • One Swimming Pool
  • Beach access
  • McKenzie's Restaurant
  • Fully equipped Guest laundry
  • Tennis courts
  • EFTPOS facilities
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bakery with the best bread for 75-Miles
  • General Store
  • Friendly staff and a relaxed, casual beach holiday atmosphere

We pride ourselves on providing the best transport options available for our school camps, and can move groups of up to 180 all at once in our custom-built 4WD coaches. All vehicles are air conditioned and suitable for on-road and off-road travel. Features of our service include:

  • FREE door to door service for schools within a 100km radius of Brisbane
  • Door to door service (small additional fee) for schools up to 700km radius of Brisbane
  • Comfortable 4WD air-conditioned coaches
  • Professional and friendly drivers with full driver’s authorisation 

Are we able to combine locations for our camps?

Yes absolutely! We offer trips to multiple destinations such as Moreton Island & Fraser Island, Fraser Island & The Great Barrier Reef, Moreton Island, Gold Coast theme park and a night in Brisbane! These combined trips are perfect for interstate schools who may have a little further to drive.

Do you provide risk assessments for activities?

We sure do – we have a safety and risk assessment handbook which will be sent to you upon booking.

How long does it take to get to Fraser Island?

Because we include a Free Cooloola National Park tour as part of our school camps, you will be 4WDing only a couple of hours after you depart from Brisbane. We head across and 4WD up through Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach before taking the ferry across to Fraser Island – this cuts out a lot of boring bitumen driving and the students will be on the sand much sooner. The estimated actual time to hit Fraser Island is around 4 hours in total but we will break this up with plenty of rest stops.

Will we be shuttled around the island?

No! We provide enough vehicles for everyone to have a seat. This means that we pack so much more into our tours and make sure that students are out on the island for the optimum amount of time.



– please note that a quote does not automatically reserve your preferred dates, and is only valid for 14 days from issue date. Should we not receive confirmation of quote by the end of the 14-day validity period; a new quote may need to be issued.


– once you have confirmed your quote, we will issue you with a tax invoice and confirmation documents. Unless otherwise stated, all bookings must be secured with a 30% or $1000 deposit payment (whichever is greater), within 14 days after confirmation. Failure to provide the date security deposit by the due date will result in the forfeit of the camp dates requested. Please note that this deposit amount will be deducted from the total invoice.

Payments can be made via direct deposit, cheque or credit card. Please note that all credit card payments will incur a 1.5% surcharge fee.


– a final balance invoice will be issued 14 days prior to camp upon receipt of final numbers.  If final numbers are not advised by this date, the last number update will be used.


– a new tax invoice will be issued for any additional payments incurred after the above final payment has been made. Any new additional payments will be due immediately, unless otherwise stated. Any credit amounts / refunds payable will be issued after the camp travel dates, unless the camp is cancelled prior to travel dates.

CHANGES AND REQUESTS –unless otherwise stated:

All details pertaining to final numbers, dietary requirements, special requests and medical information must be received no later than 14 days prior to travel.

  1. Any decrease in numbers 14 days or less prior to the confirmed date of travel will not be eligible for a refund or a credit. (This is due to certain costs outlaid.)
  2. Any increase in numbers inside 14 days prior to the confirmed date of travel will be accepted and charged additionally. (Subject to space availability.)

CAMP CANCELLATIONS – unless otherwise stated:

  1. If advised at least three (3) months prior to the confirmed date of travel, the paid deposit amount may be kept as a credit for use for a future camp booking.
  2. If advised within (2) months prior to the confirmed date of travel, the paid deposit amount will be forfeited in-full.
  3. Cancellation notice provided 14 days to one (1) month prior to the confirmed date of travel will result in the forfeit of the paid deposit amount in-full, and will also incur a 25% cancellation fee.
  4. Any camp cancellations received 14 days or less prior to the confirmed date of travel will not be eligible for a refund or credit.
  5. Any cancellations made up to one (1) month prior to the confirmed date of travel where no final payment has been made, will incur a 40% cancellation fee as well as forfeit the deposit amount paid.
  6. All credit amounts have a validity of 12 months, after which time if the credit amount has not been redeemed it will be forfeited.
  7. All administration fees will be calculated on the total camp amount due.

Note:  Trailblazer Tours reserves the right to send home any student who is deemed to be behaving inappropriately. No refunds are applicable in this instance.


  1. Trailblazer Tours reserves the right to cancel, delay and / or reschedule activities or services due to unsuitable weather. (Please note that the entire camp itinerary is dependent on activities chosen, tide times and the size of the group.)
  2. A requirement of our insurance company is that all students /parents have completed their indemnity form before being allowed to swim. These forms must be handed to the Tour Guide at the start of the camp.
  3. All schools are responsible for completing the provided medical and special dietary forms on behalf of their students. This must be faxed or emailed to our office at least 14 days prior to travel.
  4. School representatives are at all times responsible for the behavior of students in their care.
  5. It is the responsibility of the school representative to dispense any medication to students with the permission of parents / guardians. Trailblazer Tours will under no circumstances dispense or administer any medication.
  6. A duty of care is owed to students in the school environment and while on excursions. The Education Department's duty of care owed to students for the duration of an excursion cannot be delegated from the school to parents, caregivers, volunteers or employees of external organisations.
  7. To ensure the health and safety of students and staff, schools are required to proactively manage all aspects of a variation to school routine. The school's duty of care to students extends to school excursions and camps, which are integral to students' educational programs. Activities conducted away from schools may increase risks and therefore the standard of care required must reflect the increase in identified risks.

A note on QPWS (National Park) Fee Changes in 2015

For educational groups travelling on a fully facilitated camp with Trailblazer Toursor sub-contractors there is no longer a need to complete forms for exemption of national park usage fees.  Schools & educational groups will now be automatically exempt from these fees.  Where the aforementioned group is taking a vehicle, they will be eligible for fee exempt vehicle permits and should contact camping support ( to obtain their relevant permits.  This is the responsibility of the group taking the vehicle.

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Thank you for helping make this so enjoyable and successful school camp. The kids are already saying how good it was. Much of the credit should go to our fraser guide, keith who was exceptional, very knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic and popular.We hope he is available again next year.Regards,Ron


Peregian Springs Qld

We took in a 3 day Fraser Island tour with Barry and Maxine in October. We saw many wonderful sights on Fraser throughout the 3 days including dingos and turtles. Barry and Maxine are such wonderful people and are so passionate about Fraser Island. They were full of knowledge and are brilliant tour guides. We will be recommending Trailblazers and Sunset Safaris to future clients, family and friends in the future! We had and AWESOME time - THANK YOU :-) Jenny

Jenifer Klopter

Hamberg Germany

Wow! What a great trip. Everything was absolutely spot on. Dave was a complete legend, his driving and organisation was excellent. Everyone was well fed and I would recommend your tour company to everyone. Lots of great memories!


Murwillumbah High School