If you're anything like us, it's hard to imagine what a school camp on an all-sand-island might look like these days - particularly when your only memories of your own school camps are of torturous activities and food deprivation (thankyou music camp 1990!). So, read below to gain an insight into what a school camp on Moreton Island might entail.

Aligning subjects and areas of study

The first question on any teacher's mind (after asking are there flushing toilets, coffee and comfortable beds) will be of course "how can I fit this into the curriculum framework". Moreton Island is a unique combination of pristine natural environments, rich historical stories, amazing adventure opportunities and local tourism operations which make it a great platform for studying a variety of subjects including:

  • Biology & Marine Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Ecology
  • Sustainability
  • Tourism Studies
  • Physical Education Studies


Accommodation Options

Moreton Island has a plethora of accommodation options for schools wanting to stay and experience the beauty of the natural environment. Depending on how big your group is, you might choose one or a combination of the below to house your group:


perfect for immersing yourself in the natural environment but don't worry, you don't have to BYO tents or gear as tour companies generally have all this ready for you - and usually set up!

  • Sandboarding down desert dunes! Disguised learning at its best - students are walked through the Moreton Island Desert, an interesting eco-system filled with sand blows, fulgurite (lightning rock) and mineral sands, to a giant sand hill where they are shown how to safely zoom down! The climb back up will get in the daily recommended exercise quota - and then some!
  • 4WD adventures will have you bumping through the sand tracks learning about the vegetation & creation of this amazing island on your way to your next destination.
  • History Tours through WW1 & WW2 bunkers will have their imaginations stretched as they envisage life in this era. Visit the oldest lighthouse in Queensland and learn about life as a family living on the Cape in the 1800's.
  • Climbing the highest vegetated dune in the world - Mt Tempest! If you really want to torture them, we recommend a sunset or sunrise hike - make sure to take some cookies to buy back their love!
  • Head out to the tidal flats and discover an amazing eco-system. This tour is perfect for studying life-cycles & ecology and can allow plenty of time for any particular studies that need to be completed.
  • Swimming in fresh water lakes! Blue Lagoon is the most popular lake for swimming and students will learn how it was created while they take a refreshing dip in the fresh water. Honeyeater Lake can be visited to show the vast difference between the two.
  • Visit North Point & Champagne Rock Pools. North Point is a very popular area for geographical studies and students are able to take a dip in the Champagne Rockpools - formed by one of the only areas of volcanic rock on the island. In fact, North Point is the origin of the island!
  • As if that wasn't enough there is also campfires, volleyball, cricket, ocean sunsets & night fishing to throw into the mix!

As you can see, a School Camp on Moreton Island is not quite the torturous experience of our memories and there are a multitude of options available dependent on the subject you are targeting & the grade of study. Teachers will be treated to espresso coffees & unit accommodation so they will be well-rested and ready to tackle the adventure activities with the students!

Did you know, if you’re a teacher or principal you can actually visit Moreton Island free of charge with us prior to booking your school camp just to see if the destination is right for you? If you're keen to get more information on a school camp to Moreton Island you can get it at www.trailblazertours.com.au  or email us at info@trailblazertours.com.auwe would love to hear from you.