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Fraser Island 3-Day ADVENTURE Tour

Fraser Island 3-Day ADVENTURE Tour

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Fraser Island 2 ECO Tours

Fraser Island 2 ECO Tours

  Fraser Island 2 Day ECO Tour   WOW!   Every Fraser Island 2-Day ECO Tour...

Fraser Island Group Tour Specialists

Fraser Island Group Tour Specialists

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  • Fraser Island Tours | School Camps Fraser Island | School Camps Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane, Moreton Island |

    Fraser Island Tours | School Camps Fraser Island | School Camps Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane,...

  • Fraser Island 3-Day ADVENTURE Tour

    Fraser Island 3-Day ADVENTURE Tour

  • Fraser Island 2 ECO Tours

    Fraser Island 2 ECO Tours

  • Fraser Island Group Tour Specialists

    Fraser Island Group Tour Specialists


Satinae Tree Scott THUMBTrailblazer Tours are Fraser Islands SCHOOL CAMP SPECIALISTS, offering budget educational tours and programs for Schools, Colleges and Education groups. 



Fraser Island Education Tours and School Camps


Trailblazer Tours offers the most comprehensive educational package tours to Fraser Island. These packages include -

  • A choice accommodation and camping styles to suit your school or college socio-economic demographic
  • A large 4WD Bus fleet to cater for Schools and Colleges of all sizes (from 15 to 150)
  • Full "Ready To Go" education programs to suit a variety of subjects and ages
  • Staff fully accredited with Blue Cards and trained in all aspects of tour guiding and safety
  • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance to cover any eventualityRed-Canyon-3
  • Ability to cater to groups and individuals with special dietary needs
  • High level of experience with catering for educational groups with special needs



Fraser Island is one of the great MUST SEE destinations in Australia. This UNESCO World Heritage Listed Island is the "World's Largest Sand Island," Satinae-Tree-Scott-2WEBa unique paradise of golden beaches, rolling surf, crystal clear lakes, and ancient old growth Rainforests. The lakes and Rainforests on Fraser Island are very unique in the world, and we get to see the very best of these magnificent attractions up close and personal. On your tour of discovery, we will take in Lake Birrabeen, a crystal clear perched lake that dreams are made of. You will discover the incredible beauty of the Fraser Island Rainforests with its huge trees and Rainforest vines. We will also see the "Invisible Creek," with water so clear, it can be invisible to the naked eye. Fraser Island also boasts to having the purest breed of Dingo in the world, which are found all over the Island. Whales and Dolphins are seen swimming all along the beaches of Fraser Island. Trailblazer Tours gives you the PERFECT opportunity to experience nature at it's best.

Birrabeen 3 people

Our mission is to make your visit to Fraser Island more than just a beautiful place to go, but an "experience to remember."


Why Fraser Island?

Fraser Island offers the ultimate learning experience for subjects such as Geography, Environmental Sciences, Biology, Marine Studies, History and Applied Science. The dramatic environmental changes that occur on Fraser Island from season to season, along with Rainforest growing out of sand, makes Fraser Island the perfect place to study and learn like no other place on earth. Scientists from all over the world continue to marvel at the incredible diversity of Fraser Island, and still find it difficult to explain why such pristine rainforest can grow in sand. Well known now as one of the most unique environments on Earth, Fraser Island is attracting school groups from all over the world to study its unique biodiversity (and have some fun while they are there). Some schools from overseas liken Fraser island to places such as the Galapagos Islands for its unique environment, and environmental learning potential. For Australian Schools, this wonderful phenomenon of Nature is right at your doorstep - and we can get you there. 

And let's not forget the FUN factor. We have understood from the start that the most effective way to teach is for the student to enjoy the learning experience. Fraser Island is filled with awe and wonder which in itself is FUN. Swimming in the crystal clear lakes and creeks, raises the question of WHY is this water so clear? These naturally occurring questions are answered as we tour the Island on our Fun Facts Mission.




The following is a list of attrations and points of study on a Trailblazer Tour of Discovery on Fraser Island. Our tours can also include Cooloola National Park and the Spectacular Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands. Not all camps on Fraser island can cover every attration and study point listed below. This is dependant upon the amount of time you intend to stay on Fraser Island and the ciriculum points you wish to cover. For example, some school study camps spend more time studying environmental impacts in camp grounds, while other schools will contrate upon marine studies in rock pools. A  5-Day camp will usually see ALL the below attraction, while a 2-Day will only cover the main attractions or study areas.   


Cooloola National ParkChampagne-Pools

  • Red Canyon - Study the impact on this area and learn about the colours
  • Teewah Beach - Drive along the beach seeing camp sites and awesome views
  • Rainbow Beach - Learn about the 72 different colours in the sands
  • Double Island Point - Search for Marine Wildlife

Fraser Island

  • Drive along 75 Mile Beach
  • Walk along the Hamerstone Sandblow - learn about sandblows an erosion consequences
  • Enjoy the awesome sand dune landscapes and refreshing waters of Lake Wabby - Learn about lake systems
  • Cruise 75 Mile Beach in our Awesome 4WD buses - Learn about beach erosion and build up
  • Explore Yidney Dripping Rocks - Learn about water tables and sand deposits
  • Maheno Shipwreck - Learn about the History of the and environmental impacts
  • Swim at the beautiful Eli Creek - Learn about the release of the water table and quality of water 
  • The Coloured Sands - Learn about the geology of the sand and minerals that give the sands the colours
  • Drive by The Cathedrals - Learn about the erosion of wind and rain 
  • Indian Head - Learn about the history of Captain Cook, and learn about the Marine Life
  • The Champagne pools - Discover small sea creatures in the rock pools
  • See Rainbow Gorge - Learn about the erosion and sediment layers of the sand colours.
  • Lake Garrawongera - Learn about Window Lakes and the formation of these Lakes
  • Fraser Island Rainforests - Learn about the Biological wonder of Rainforest growing in sand
  • Pile Valley walk - Learn of the History of logging and the Giant Satinay Trees 
  • Woongoolba Creek - Discover the Invisible Creek and learn about the ancient King Ferns
  • Central Station - Learn about the importance of Logging on Fraser Island for the worldMahino-Ship-Wreck-1
  • The Great Lakes Drive - 4WD through Rainforest sand Tracks discovering transitions in time
  • Lake Birrabeen - Swim in the most beautiful Lake in the world. Learn about the "Perched Lake"
  • Lake Boomanjin - See the RED LAKE, and learn about the Largest Lake on Fraser Island
  • Fraser Island Bush Camp Grounds - Study the impact of camping on Fraser island
  • Fraser Island Serviced Camp Ground - Study the impacts that Serviced camp grounds have on Fraser
  • Ranger Talks - Learn from a Queensland National Parks Ranger about the Island
  • Eurong Beach Resort - Study the Impacts that an established Resort has upon the Island (Click HERE to see Accommodation)
  • 4WD Tracks - Study the impact that 4WD tracks have had on the Island
  • 4WD's on Beaches - Study the impacts that 4WD vehicles have upon the beaches and wildlife



Trailblazer Tours offers the ULTIMATE in School Camp Transport for Fraser Island. Our range of specially designed 4wd buses, Mini Coaches and FORWARD FACING 4WD vehicles, offer the perfect balance between Big Bus comfort, and small 4wd personalisation. Don't be caught out with small uncomfortable, cramped vehicles.





Trailblazer Tours has long been recognised as having the BEST value tours to Fraser Island by schools all over Queensland. Trailblazer Tours offers far superior value for money compared to any other multi day School Camp to Fraser Island. Trailblazer Tours offers you Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, AWESOME 4WD go anywhere vehicles, the most sought after locations on Fraser Island, the BEST tour Guides from Gold Coast and Brisbane, and all at Budget prices. We pick-up within a 500km radius of Brisbane and airports for overseas and interstate schools.


Backed by one of the Largest Tour Companies to Fraser Island - Sunset Safaris, you know that your School Camp is secure when booking with Traiblazer Tours. 




Important Information

* Time, Tides, and Weather Permitting
Trailblazer Tours makes every effort to include ALL activities and destinations listed. However due to the extreme nature of Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach, and weather unpredictability in general, some activities are subject to Tide, Time, and Weather factors, and Trailblazer Tours can not be held liable due to these factors.




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